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"Be the change you want to see in the world"

We strive to develop a place that exemplifies global healing. Through understanding the current planetary issues and researching for their solutions; we are learning how to live in a biodiverse, off grid farm connected to our animal brothers and sisters and our surrounding environmental heritage of the Aina'.

We are currently exploring

Animal Husbandry

The meat and dairy industry is an environmental disaster leading to the sickness of both animals and humans. At the Seeger Institute we exemplify a new model of animal husbandry, which acknowledges the right of all our animal brothers and sisters to share this planet. We practice a humble stewardship caring for the welfare of us all.

Green Energy Hub

We are a hub for renewable energy. We explore technology to expand our capacity to produce energy without burning fossil fuel. We are using; methane digestion, rocket stoves and solar panels, . Farm Stewards make use of green energy and are encouraged to add to our growing body of knowledge leading to comfortable, off-grid living. 

Sequester Carbon

The Hawaiian Sunshine feeds our solar panels which charge our battery banks. Our farm is powered by Green Energy; our four cabins, each equipped with small kitchen and utilities, two laundry machines and a chicken hatchery. Both of our catchment tanks total 39,000gallons are filled by 165inch rain/yr and pass through a filtration system giving us drinking water.


Grow Local

Industrial systems have depleted planetary and human health. We reimagine small-scale, organic, local farming, by  cooperating with our neighbours in local federations of farmers to optimize our resources. On our farm there are no rows, rather beds following the contours of the land. Each field is multi dimensional with root vegetables, vines, legumes, fruit trees, herbs, teas, coffee, 


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